Sunday, February 3, 2013


I thought that might have got your attention! didn't. And thank GOD! Did you honestly, really think I was going to talk about such things. Well I a later stage. But for now you'll have to be content with something equally as exciting---My novel! It's about to be launched soon, so I've decided to flaunt it a bit 

 ...and actually...has sod all to do with Marshmallows. What it has got to do, or rather what it has to offer is a whole barrel full of belly laughs, nail biting moments and the occasional lump in the throat. So if you fancy taking a journey with Angie and co. then look out for my next blog post where I will download a little taster for you. 
So look out for it, and promise to read it, you won't be disappointed, I guarantee!!
 Bi for now
And lots of love
Oh PS, I bet you didn't know marshmallows grow on trees! I've only just found out for myself from none other than expert raconteur (is there such a word...sounds good anyway...) of nature Peter Barker, and he tells me not only do they grow on trees, but there are different species; some long, some twirly some green, some brown, some even multi-hued. It just shows you miracles are out there, just look at King Richard III!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Walking on Marshmallows!


Well hello prospectives. My very, very first blog post, and obviously I'm feeling a bit weird writing to a void. But hopefully my pages will soon be crammed with conversations. 

But for now, about me: I'm a writer, and if you are wondering about the heading, well, that's the name of my book. It's not yet published, but will be shortly on Kindle! So look out for it, and be prepared because it's a belly full of laughs. That's all for now, since I'm new to this, so I will wait to see what unfolds! 

Bye for now.