Monday, April 15, 2013

Mars Bars

Since my forthcoming book contains a word related to confectionery, I couldn't help slipping in a comment about the above subject.

Has anyone noticed recently how stingy a Mars bar is! There was a time when your teeth could barely bite into that thick coating of choc without chunks falling into your lap (only to be found later on melted). Oh and taste that seam of gooey caramel as it pulled away in a long stretchy string. And the centre! A bit thick slab of creaminess that glued itself for the rest of the day to the top of your mouth. You could barely get halfway through one without feeling sick. Not anymore, oh no! Now all it does is leave you wanting!

So what we have here is this: they slap up the price, and reduce the contents to a puny, lacklustre slab so thin you could slip it under the door.
I know, I know, it's probably better for the old waistline, but a Mars is a British Institution.
I feel cheated.
And besides...I'm thin.
So come on all you "Marses" fans, let's wage a war! We want our old Mars back, we want to chant "a Mars a day helps you work rest and play!' And mean it!

....can't believe this...just shows how desperate I am , but I know I'll get followers now, after all (in spite of being subjected to an endless torrent of programmes about obesity) we are a nation of choc lover.

Can anyone think of any other favourites that have been "emaciated"?

Bi for now

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  1. Hi Janey.
    I have just found your blog, and I enjoyed this bit that you have posted. I don`t write, but my Son does. You have hit the Mars Bar thing on the head, well done.
    My Son has been writing his latest book for God knows how long. He has written it seems hundreds of small stories and they are all good, I think so. He is the editor of Flash Fiction World, and has compiled four books of the stories of his followers, seventy stories each, and they are good. He didn`t get his writing skills from me I can tell you. so please forgive me my mistakes. In the mean time, i shale be keeping an Eye out for you latest piece. All the best Janey.


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