Sunday, February 3, 2013


I thought that might have got your attention! didn't. And thank GOD! Did you honestly, really think I was going to talk about such things. Well I a later stage. But for now you'll have to be content with something equally as exciting---My novel! It's about to be launched soon, so I've decided to flaunt it a bit 

 ...and actually...has sod all to do with Marshmallows. What it has got to do, or rather what it has to offer is a whole barrel full of belly laughs, nail biting moments and the occasional lump in the throat. So if you fancy taking a journey with Angie and co. then look out for my next blog post where I will download a little taster for you. 
So look out for it, and promise to read it, you won't be disappointed, I guarantee!!
 Bi for now
And lots of love
Oh PS, I bet you didn't know marshmallows grow on trees! I've only just found out for myself from none other than expert raconteur (is there such a word...sounds good anyway...) of nature Peter Barker, and he tells me not only do they grow on trees, but there are different species; some long, some twirly some green, some brown, some even multi-hued. It just shows you miracles are out there, just look at King Richard III!!!


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