Wednesday, March 20, 2013


They should take the pro (as in pro-active) out of the word procrastination, honestly, because I've been doing it again!
Yesterday, instead of planning my book cover, and checking typos, and sending begging letters to the publishers, and well...getting on with my next book, there I was fart-arsing ('scuse the French) on E-bay. Mind you for good reason; I have an accumulation of fodder to sell, so among other things I'm trying to get rid of a vintage Chil-Daw dressmaker's dummy from the fifties/sixties. Primrose, (informally known as Prim) she's really a lovely old bird and keeps me company a lot of the time in my lonely quest to write. But sadly I need the money, so if anyone is interested in her, have a look, here's the link:
Please note, I apologise for the nude shots. Prim was reluctant at first, but acquiezed (I know this is probably sic, but haven't time or energy to look it up, bad, bad, bad for a writer, but there you go) when I told her it meant the difference between being shipped off to a nice home or not.

Now, to business. I've had over 600 hits on my blogspot so far! So not bad for a beginner. BUT not one follower. So what's going on, come on 'fess up! Is anyone out there actually reading what I have to say, or rolling their eyes and having a big yawn as they click on to the next? I've had a few comments, tremendously complimentary too, so thank you to those kind people. But I'm getting worried. Am I doing something wrong?  Anyway, here is my email address so there's no excuse. 
Please, make this lady happy and give me feeeeeedback.

In the meantime, I've changed lanes (No! Not that! Good grief! If that were the case Peter B would limp off into the sunset of one of his glorious paintings and never return). What I meant ,was I've changed the name of my forthcoming book from WALKING ON MARSHMALLOWS to LOVE, HONOUR & OVULATE. Could I have a vote of confidence here, maybe a bit of feedback? There is a reason behind it believe me, because I actually do love the first name. Not only have a changed the name, I've revamped my chapter (for the oh say one hundred and fiftieth time...we do this, it's quite normal), so I shall pop it onto the next blog after I've posted this, plus a bit added on, and hope for some readership. 
Well bi for now, and don't forget to have a look at poor old Prim, (complete with hat, scarf and sunglasses) she's sulking away behind me like some 1950's screen idol that she thinks she still is. 

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