Friday, March 7, 2014


Hello everybody! It's been ages since I've been on this blog malarkey.
Sorry, and I know I've had floods and floods and floods and floods of people asking where I am?

Seriously though, isn't it a gorgeous day out there; sunshine is flooding my kitchen and the pavements are damp from a soft shower of rain? Oh and glory be, the daffs are out in the shops (a pound a bunch from Waitrose...ridiculous, I've got them all over my house!) and a clear sign we're heading for Spring. 
So, what better for a new beginning!

Yes, and here it is! I am about to finally launch my book on Amazon! It's been a long haul because I have other irons in the fire - (to be publicized at a later date) and those have frustratedly kept me from the task at hand. But it's about to happen! Yes! Definitely, honestly, truly! And hopefully within the next week or so, so BRACE YOURSELVES! And promise me faithfully you will read it. Although, you have been warned: if you suffer from any discriminating ailments in the er, the southerly direction, best not take a chance,

and rather stick to your Mills & Boon...