Sunday, March 10, 2013


Just a quickie, since it's Sunday, Mothers' Day and superficially a day of rest, but I wanted to say a couple of things: firstly, a massive thank you to all you delightful people that swept through my blog recently. Whether it was a fleeting visit or a lingering one, I am grateful. Secondly, I forgot to put a flashing neon sign before reading my opening chapter/s, warning you that it may contain reference to body parts and the occasional bit of cussing (which may or may not offend, depending on your level of tolerance)
So, a bit late in the day, but am doing that now...
Besides all that, all you lovely mums out there, hope you're having a a wonderful, relaxing, spoily-rotten day! I certainly am! I had breakfast made by my youngest offspring, a bagful of lovely presents, plus a card that sang Tina Turner's "you're simply the best" when you opened it. Tears pricked my eyes. What a delight. It's grand to be a mum, I'm sure you'll all agree, but it's even grander to be LOVED by them! 
Woopee, speak soon
Lots of best wishes
Janey Edkins
PS-- I'm going to put a bit more book shortly for anyone who might be interested. And please those of you that can, do write a comment negative or positive, all feedback will be taken on board, honestly truly...little cough...(good ones stored (smugly) in head...bad ones oh bugger...tossed in Etherfile 13)
Thank you, over and out!

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  1. Hello from one mum to another - I am always going to write something nice because you might be related to me in the not too ditant future and I'm just a nice person ha! ha! I keep meaning to say have you seen the Easter chick marshmallow tree - they have started to sprout up in all sorts of places (Morrison's is one - fancy that). Love Sue


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