Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas is over : (

Yes, over! And I wonder how many years, months, hours, minutes are spent looking for the end of a roll of sticky tape. I contemplated this during my second day of Christmas present wrapping. Every year I think to myself I'll get more efficient and buy one of those sticky tape dispensers, but like new year resolutions (i.e. brisk walk every single day, in bed by ten, up at six for second brisk walk, join a pilates class, wean self off chocolate, never eat chips in any state or form again, clean windows at least four times a year as opposed to every two years, never get cross or grumpy with annoying people but rather smile serenely and imagine them naked)just goes down the plug hole. So the cursing under the breath continued, until about seven-eighths through wrapping my darling Peter appears rested and smiling from his studio at the end of the garden, looks inquisitively at me and then says "Darling! Why don't you use my dispenser, it'll make it so much easier."


Anyway, that aside, and the fact that I feel at least a stone heavier, it was all so magical. I had all my girls over for the first time ever and we ate, drank and made merry as a complete family.

It is therefore, after such heavy imbibing, time to get back into some serious writing. I've made a conscious decision to do a part 2 Walking on Marshmallows, but perhaps in the form of a Novella which is about a third of a book. And then perhaps another and then another.

We'll see.

Fingers poised over the keyboard, I am still trying to decide. A lot of people say it isn't a good idea, but I say go where the heart is telling you, and Angie, Bridie and Hazel are calling me to resurrect them.

So for all you people who loved the escapades of my last book, watch this space! And for all those that haven't read Walking on Marshmallows One then get downloading! I can promise you an absolute gas, and just the ticket after the mad, whirlwind of the festive season. Just click on the book to the right of this page and voila. It's on a countdown special at the moment too!

Hope you all had as fabulous a Christmas as me, and on that note shall say Au Revoir and Bonne Annee.

Janey of the Walking on Marshmallows

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