Sunday, September 28, 2014


Freebies are a wonderful thing, are they not? And isn't it amazing how everyone comes out of the woodwork at the merest sniff of one? I must confess I'm the same, love a bargain. Anyway, during my little window of generosity, during which time I gave away my book for free, I had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of downloads from around the globe. I was flabbergasted, yet at the same time filled with joy that so many people will now be reading and with a bit of luck enjoying the madcap escapades of the formidable Angie and ever-ballooning Hazel! Anyway, for those that have dipped deep in their pockets, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and for those that haven't, well I thank you from the heart of my bottom ;) Anyway, I just ask one small request: I'd love to get some feedback. We writers thrive on it, you see, so give me a tiny window of your life and go to my Amazon page (click on my book to the right to take you there)and write (preferably something nice)! Or, alternatively, if you'd rather write to me directly, here is my email address: - but please, please DO NOT CLOG UP MY SYSTEM while doing so ;) I'm working on a website too, so look out for that and there I will be able to tell you more about my next book and the crazy Rachel and soft-hearted Ellie who both realise, for totally different reasons, that they want to bump off their husbands... Anyway, that's all folks, so au revoir once again from a very sunny Rutland. Best wishes Janey

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