Saturday, September 6, 2014


When she was able to prize open her rigour mortised mouth, her quips were as fast as a Formula One lap and as plentiful as the eff words that tumble out of Lee Evan's mouth. Love her, hate her, but you have to admit there won't be many that can follow in her shoes. As a comedic writer myself I certainly will miss her. She didn't hold back did she? Hard to believe that she was riddled with complexes, particularly about her body. Then again aren't we all R.I.P. Joan, but as long as we have TV and internet and radio you'll never be far away. On a lighter note. I delivered my first batch of books to my local bookstore yesterday - Walkers in Stamford High Street, so get down there before they sell out ;) speak soon... Lots of love Janey PS if you can't get down to the bookstore, which of course you won't be able to if you are reading this and you live in far-flung places such as Canada or America or Russia or Timbuktu, you can download on Amazon...see right of this page at a ridiculously low price for lovely big funny lol read. Thank you!

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