Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hello everyone, I am delighted to say Peter Barker Fine Art opened its doors this weekend with a flurry of curiosity and excitement resulting in nine glorious paintings flying off the walls, and now gracing the homes of mostly local buyers. There has been such an incredible buzz, people complimenting on what a great space we have, and of course the array of fine work by Peter Barker himself, John Lines, David Curtis, Peter Brown, our darling Haidee Jo Summers, Trevor Lingard, Trevor Chamberlain, Tina Morgan, Roy Connelly, Michael Morgan, Gerald Green, huuuuuh, had to take a big breath, there are more, thirty-two artists in all, and for those I have missed off it's not because I don't love you; I do, you are all of equal brilliance, it's just that I have to get off to the gallery! It's Saturday and we are hoping for another stampede!

So, come along and see for yourself, and in between viewing (you'll need some time! There are so many paintings to see!) have a rest in the gorgeous coffee shop practically conjoined to us, or visit the garden centre jam packed with lovely, healthy plants and everything your imagination can stretch to related to gardening. It's a day out, and what could be better in this jewel of a county, Rutland, especially when the sun is shining gloriously, which it is today.

Of course if you can't make it, here's the link to the website to feast your eyes upon, and since you can buy on line you might even be tempted.

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