Sunday, October 11, 2015


I'm juggling so many things at the moment that I'm afraid I've let things slip a bit in the blogging department. sSo, for the floods and floods of people that click onto my site and shoulder-slump with sheer and utter disappointment you'll understand when I tell you that being a gallerist has taken over my life ...just a bit. Yet I'm glad to say, with the help of Peter (throwing me in at the deep end) I'm getting there.

A lot certainly has happened since we opened twenty weeks ago. For starters we have sold over fifty paintings - that's over half a century (whichI'd say sounds pretty incredible when you say it like that) and a pretty good innings for a brand spanking new gallery. According to our calculations that's 2.5 a week which we hope to change to one a day! But patience is a virtue and Rome wasn't built in a day and so on..

ON TO THE LATEST NEWS THOUGH... As if we didn't have enough great artists to brag about, PETER BARKER FINE ART now has two further high ranking artists join our stable, namely the much celebrated HAZEL SOAN & LUIS MORRIS!

 Hazel Soan might not need much of an introduction, but I'm going to anyway because I love her work so much I just want to wax lyrical. The marvellously talented Hazel Soan divides her time six months in London and six months in Cape Town where she has galleries in each. Some people might remember her from television, others from her copious number of books she's had published, but for me it's her stunning works of art. She paints in both oil and watercolour, but it's her watercolours that make me tingle with delight, especially her depictions of Africa, me having lived there for several decades.In fact I love her so much Peter bought me one of her paintings for my birthday! A gorgeous big watercolour of an African woman and her two children walking through the desert. I am going to treasure it forever...
 Here are some of her mouth-watering paintings:

The Land Where Time Began: Hazel Soan
Shades of Grey: Hazel Soan
Baby Ele: Hazel Soan


Luis Morris...Runner up of the Sky Portraitist of the year in 2013 and in my opinion he was robbed and should have been first! His speciality is beautifully rendered nudes prone or standing, the quality of which is breathtaking soft, hazey blunt strokes of pastel shades in oil giving the impression of looking at the subject through a rain drenched windowpane. His work will be on display shortly, but already we have had enquiries, so watch this space for availability.

Here's a couple of his works to drool over:
Rosa in the Bath: Luis Morris
Rosa Standing: Luis Morris

That is all for now. Do try to get along to the gallery. For details here is our website:
PETER BARKER FINE ART. And remember all our paintings can be purchased on line.
Bye for now.


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