Sunday, June 8, 2014


Quick jot of the day to keep the momentum going as I see I am getting lots of people dropping by, which I feel is a miracle since many are in far flung places - even Russia! But keep dropping by and I've decided to leave my email address just in case someone wants to drop me a line.

Sadly today I can't really write anything (altho' have done a quick bit of editing of yesterdays scrawl) I'm off today to visit a local artist, Josette, who crafts the most amazing stuff out of cardboard. For anyone who is interested, I will get her details so I can add the link. Later on I'm off to have a final practise with my choir since it is our concert next week, and I don't think I'm up to speed! The worst is, I'm right at the front, so if I make a mistake and start bumbling, or singing with the tenors (which did last year...this reedy little soprano cutting off in mid-warble) everyone can see!

In between that I'm going to drop more flyers around my local villages - the other day we - my daughter Olive and I -  dropped a hundred a fifty and it worked! When we got home I saw I had some sales - so there you go, marketing does work. It wasn't great shakes, but then I'm grateful for anything, and happy that I can make even one person laugh out loud, and as my darling Peter is fond of saying "hope, springs eternal..." bless him, he is a very enthusiastic person, smiles all the time...I think I mentioned that. Thank goodness he keeps me on the straight and narrow. Oh! Forgot to mention about the dog. I pushed one of the flyers in one of our village doors (very posh, monolithic frontage, Farrow &  Ball conservatoooire dahling, mink and manure oozing from the letterbox...) - when suddenly I hear this very deep almost sepulchral barking coming from the other side, and suddenly I felt the ends of my fingers (which were trapped in that bristly draft-resistant bit at the back) being nipped. I almost died of shock! I managed to yank it out, albeit half the flesh of my knuckles being left behind - evidence my dear Watson, evidence! Anyway, when I turned round my daughter was falling all over the place with laughter, even admitting as I staggered pale-faced up to her that she'd actually, literally (as the youth all say) pee'd herself!

I'm going now, my lovely freshly ground Taylor's from Harrowgate coffee is finished (I should get paid for that bit of advertising...) so I don't have an excuse to stay on here.

Here's my email address - do drop me a line, would love to hear from other writers and people that are fond of the planet!

And here's a pic of my flyers and my basket of wares ready for the onslaught-

Cute aren't they?
Speak soon, will be back with more jottings!
Did I say something about this being a very quick jot? I think I did, but from the looks of things it's probably the longest I've ever done! Oh Lordy, the hing is, I LOVE TO WRITE!
Bi again..


  1. Just read your reviews on Amazon and decided to check you out. I love the sound of your writing, so am going to download it and can't wait to read the rest. Read the preview and couldn't stop laughing about the gynae chap, so hilarious - genius! Have you got any other books out?

  2. Thank you so much! A further book is in the pipeline. So look out for it. And keep reading my blogs, always something to amuse
    ; )


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