Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away...

Enough now!

Honestly, this is ridiculous! We are now being swamped, and it's so grey we have had to put the lights on in our cottage otherwise we're bumping into each other (whites of the eyes the only means of recognition and navigation). The worst of it is: my friends Bridgette and Gill from South Africa are visiting today. Still I think they probably have enough sunshine banked up that they can put up with these incessant downpours.  That's me for today, am going to do an hour of book-crafting then am off to the train station in Stamford to pick them up. So excited...haven't seen Bridgette (who just happens to be my best and most dearest friend of all time) for years so lots of catching up and bleary eyes and ruby-tinged teeth in the morning from drinking loads of red wine!!
Bi for now ; )))

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