Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today is a very special day for yours truly: first and foremost it is the third birthday of the youngest man in my life - happy birthday Remi! Secondly, I saw for the first time my actual (not virtual) novel in book form, all blue and pink and fluffy, just like it's title. Truly lump-in-the-throat stuff...

Now, I have to sell a gazillion copies! Not a bad start so far - I've had a steady stream of sales over the last ten days, and a few really encouraging comments on Amazon, even from as far flung as America!

In light of that, a huge thank you to all those of you who have bought a copy, and I hope you are enjoying the dizzying antics of Angie and co; if so please post a comment in Amazon's review section:  Walking on Marshmallows  Click on reviews next to the star rating and then click in the little box that says "create your own review" - easy peasy!). A positive review to a novelist, believe me, is like being told you've won the lottery.

Bi for now, and I shall be back with more news soon!


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