Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rapped knuckles!!

I got my poor, already aching and bleeding knuckles rapped very hard this morning by Peter.
'Darling,' he said. 'You are a writer, so at least make sure you edit your blog before you send the darned thing out!' I had a go at him, and told him he was a bloody-great-big-fat...(impossible since his trousers are only 30" waist) know-it-all...then shamefacedly realised I had to eat humble pie and concede since he was right.

Oh dear. Not only did I send it out with one, but three blindingly obvious errors. But I had an excuse: I was tired. I can't sleep! Us novelists have things on our minds, don't you know. Obviously the plot for my next book is crowding my head, as well as thoughts of how my current Walking on Marshmallow is fairing. Well, I can sleep a bit better tonight on that score, because people are downloading, and leaving amazing reviews! I can't believe it, and after my incredibly encouraging face-to-face-verbal review yesterday I'm going to draw a big fat line underneath the word "worry"...well, at least try ; ).

Must go, I'm on the hoof. On top of getting my book published and recently moving house, Peter and I are also in the throes of opening a gallery - Peter Barker Fine Art - (did I mention he is an incredibly talented professional artist...) so watch this space for more news on that too!!

Bye for now


PS just in case you feel a download coming's the link to my book ; )
Walking on Marshmallows

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