Monday, May 26, 2014


Yesterday I took the day off. Instead of spending hours hunched over computer bruising my fingertips, Peter and I went to Letchworth to deliver a painting of 'yours truly' showing just the teeniest hint of rude bits. Calm down, calm down...honestly...
To elucidate: when we first met, Peter was a bit trigger happy with the camera, catching me in all sorts of slightly...uncompromising positions. Then over-enamoured by a handful of them, he decided to immortalize them in oil and/or pastel; stunningly  crafted they are too, but then why wouldn't they, Peter is an amazing artist! Hell though, sod's bloomin' law, the gallery where one of them was displayed in all its lacy glory a few months back and then removed from, had an inquiry about it. So back we had to track again. But it was all worth it since it gave me the opportunity to meet Collette Hoefkens, the lovely owner of a lady who is utterly passionate about what she does. A couple of hours flashed by drinking coffee and eating sticky-toffee-pudding-cake and chatting about art and books and life. Thank you for the lovely day Collette!

Anyway, here's a photo of the painting, mind you....on second thoughts...maybe not...  ; )

Well, back to the drawing board. I've still got to earn a crust and get my second book out, so overwhelmed have I been with people trampling over each other at the bookshops, and begging for a sequel to Walking on Marshmallows...I can't bear it; maybe I should now become a recluse...

Warm wishes and a big smiley face

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