Tuesday, May 13, 2014



My novel has now been published on Amazon, and for all the thousands upon thousands of you out there, eagerly awaiting yours truly's much anticipated masterly crafted tome, click on this link: Walking on Marshmallows but please, please not all at once, we don't want the Amazon website to crash!

A few finger-clicks away, and it's available to download on Kindle. Or for those of you still loathe to ditch your brick-sized mobiles, transistor radios and mother-ship computers it's also available in ...(pause for X-factor-type drum roll)...actual, solid YES....SOLID PAPERBACK FORMAT!

So there you have it!

Here's the blurb to give you a little taster, and they also let you have a sneak preview before buying.
A word of caution though, it is not recommended for the faint-hearted, therefore I suggest you read the warning sign clearly posted at the start of the book, just after the "Acknowledgements" page ; ) 
“She’s always making a total arse of herself.”
If Angie’s heard this once, she’s heard it a thousand times. But does she care? LIKE HELL, and why should she? Life is bliss! She has a delicious new husband, a gorgeous little Victorian “doer-upper” and the opportunity of becoming rich beyond her wildest dreams.

Alas, the same can’t be said for grumpy sister, Hazel who’s not only lost her job, house, libido and waistline, but the will to live.

Poor Hazel, darling Hazel; it’s eating away at Angie and she simply has to do something about it.

Oh dear, famous last words…

In typical “Angie” fashion, she devises a cleverly-crafted plan. But like the back end of a dragster racing car, her Good Samaritan act horribly backfires leaving her not only floundering in a murky pool of malicious accusations and misunderstandings, but trying desperately to hold onto her perfect life.  

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